26 and counting

As soon as I turned 26 this past summer I’ve been asking myself what do I really want to do with my life. What do I want to share with the world and what is my passion? This was not the first time I felt lost asking myself these questions. As part of Gen-Y I had the traditional quarter life crisis. My 25th birthday is when I actually began to think about these questions.  My year as a 25 year old was full of ups and downs. It was truly a learning experience and what really made want to try to be a better person at 26. Now it’s time to get a bit more personal.

I’ll never forget my last day as a 25 year old. I had my first meeting with my Psychiatrist. As he prescribed me my Anti-depressant, Sedatives, and Xanax he added a “Happy Birthday”at the end. The irony of it all. Little did I know that this major low point in my life was the start of the new me. The 26 year old me who is trying to find herself and making progress. I can happily say that two and a half months later I am better than I was at 25. I have a BS in Exercise Science and pursuing my MS. I am actively looking for a career that is rewarding and helps others. I am open to learning more, experiencing more, meeting more people, and expressing myself more. Most of all I am so much happier in every aspect of life. I look forward to life with an open mind and heart. Nothing is perfect and I have so much more to learn, do, and change but I don’t think this is a bad start. For all of you who feel lost  DO NOT feel that you are the only one. There are so many of us who are still lost including myself but all we can do is learn as much as we can from ourselves, from each other, and move forward. This may be my first post but it definitely won’t be my last.


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