Youtube and Top 5s

A couple of weeks ago I was organizing my things when I found an old note book. In the book were my New Year’s Resolutions of 2013. One of them was starting a Youtube channel. This has always been on my mind for years now and I think I will finally have the courage and drive to start it for 2016.

Something that I’ve always wanted to share in my videos were my Top 5s of the week. It seems like every week I fall in love with  different things and obsess about them until the next thing that tickles my fancy. This can range from music, movies, shows, products, food, books, Youtube, blogs, and trends. Ironically, Mimi Ikonn one of my favorite Youtubers had expressed that she would be doing something like this on her blog in her latest video. This reminded me that great minds think alike and that I should make moves to make this a reality. Until then I will be sharing my Top 5s each week on this blog before the start of the New year when I will hopefully have created my Youtube channel and put out weekly Top 5s videos.

So to start this all of here are my TOP 5s of this week of 12/6.

  1. PEPPERMINT TEA– I picked up some Peppermint Tea this week from Big Lots and I’m obsessed. I usually drink Green Tea daily at work but I have also been drinking Peppermint Tea in the morning with breakfast or in the evenings after dinner. This tea smells amazing and so perfect for this time of year. It also helps curb those late night cravings. I highly recommend trying it out.
  2. EXO– Exo is a very popular Boy band from South Korea and China. If you know anything about me you know I love my Kdramas. I am now slowly  progressing into the Kpop scene. This band is currently made up of 9 guys with the voices of angels. Besides having amazing music they are fantastic dancers and really know how to put on a performance. I’m really excited to hopefully see them in concert during their North American tour this coming February. Definitely give them a listen.
  3. Cuticle Oil– Every now and then I sample different beauty products and provide feedback for some extra cash. This week I am testing out some Cuticle oil. I have never used Cuticle Oil before and I can not believe I have gone this long without it. With just one drop on each nail and a little nail massage, my nails and cuticle have totally been transformed. This product hydrates and revitalizes your nail/cuticles instantly. I encourage all of you to test it and see it for yourself. It really makes a difference.
  4. LED Push lights– Now this might sound a bit silly but this product has really been a life saver . I rent a small studio apartment that has limited lighting. Even just unlocking my door at night can be a struggle. Luckily, I have purchased some LED push lights from the dollar store and they are awesome. I have one at the entrance of my home, the shower, the little living room closet that is deep and hard to see inside, as well as inside my wardrobe. They were super inexpensive and so handy. This could ever become useful in case of a power outage. Not to mention they come in fun color and designs. Home decor anyone?
  5. Breakfast-Lastly, Breakfast. I know what you are thinking.”Really? Breakfast is one of your top 5s? Who doesn’t like breakfast?” Exactly.  I love breakfast as most people do but I have recently been taking the time to make breakfast my most enjoyable meal of the day. I have personally found such comfort and joy getting up in the morning and making a quality breakfast that is visibly pleasing, nutritious, and delicious. Nowadays, people are so busy  rushing to get to work or school in the morning that the easy thing to do is have a quick fix or only coffee, or even no breakfast at all. Since I have made breakfast a priority I have notice how much more relaxed and energized I am for the rest of my day. When I do not rush my breakfast I really enjoy it so much more. This past week I have been mostly eating fruit like bananas, oranges, and apples with peanut butter in the morning. Today, I had an egg in a basket toast with an orange and peppermint tea. It was so delicious and really energized me for the day. It was so visually pleasing that I even took a picture. It’s truly the little things that can make you happy. Breakfast is very important so make sure to have the time to enjoy it everyday.

So there you have it. This is my week’s Top 5s. I hope you will try some of these things out. Until next week for my next top 5s or my next personal blog post I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday whichever that may be. Take care guys.




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