Merry Xmas and Top 5s

Hey Everyone and a very Merry belated Christmas to you all. I’m a bit late on the Top 5s this week due to the holidays. However, I’m here now to get caught up on what I was loving this week.

1. Christmas– Obviously, Jesus’s birthday had to be one of my Top 5s this week. Besides it giving us a reason for a day off it also reminds us of our blessings and what a joyous time of the year it is. It also reminds us that New Year’s is just around the corner so the last few days of the year to reflect, make sure to tie up any loose ends you may have, and start brainstorming  of all the new things and fresh starts you want to have for 2016.

2. Little Caesars – Of course food is always in my Top 5s. Recently, I have been loving LC’s hot and ready pizza for 5 bucks. Not only is it affordable but totally delicious. This is the perfect party food or edibles for binge watching your favorite shows. Just don’t indulge too much. Gotta look sexy for New Years and get ready for those New Year, New Me resolutions.

3. Vinegar– Another food item? Not quite. Last week, I was loving home remedies for seasonal scalp issues. I can say that since I have been using diluted vinegar on my scalp before every wash my scalp has never felt so clean. Granted, I still have a little itch but the vinegar has controlled the dandruff issue. Besides vinegar being a great scalp cleanser I also use it to clean the bathroom and shine mirrors. It is a fabulous disinfectant and a great Windex substitute.

4. White Christmas– Didn’t we already mention this? The White Christmas I am referring to is an 8 episode mini series Kdrama thriller. It involves 7 student and faculty member who end up spending  Christmas and 8 days at their elite and secluded high school in the mountains. The students all receive a chilling threat letter prior to their stay and try to figure out who sent the letter before a supposed murder will occur during their stay. Each episode has you guessing who is the murderer but you never are quite sure of your answer. If you enjoy Kdramas with mystery and an interesting back story this one is for you.

5. Boots– I’ve always been a huge boot fanatic. My staple boots are classic black long boots and short black combat boot. This Christmas did not disappoint as I have added 3 new pairs of boots to my collection. I received these darling pair of short black ankle boots that go great with dresses, leggings, and skinny jeans. Not to mention they are quite comfortable. I also received a pair of grayish/brownish combat boots that add a little extra edge to any outfit. Lastly, I received a lovely pair of camel/brown high length Fuggs. You read right , FUGGS meaning fake uggs. I’m not one to be super into labels. Comfort, functionality, and appeal are priorities to me. These boots are super warm and perfect for the winter to come. Who doesn’t love boots?

So those were the Top 5s of the week. I have sadly already started taking down the Christmas Tree and decorating for New Year’s. I absolutely adore New Year’s so don’t be too surprised if it ends up on my Top 5s next week. Until then, I hope you guys got everything you wanted this holiday and if not go get it for yourself! You deserve it. Have a great weekend everyone!


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