Make Up Mistakes Reflecting Back On the Past

Hey now friends! Ally here. So I wanted to eventually make a Youtube video about some make up mistakes that I have done in the past. Some of these mistakes were at the start of my make up journey and others not so long ago. I mentioned some of these stories at dinner last night with some of my girlfriends. I wanted to share them not only because they are highly entertaining but also to save you guys from these embarrassing moments that could have been prevented had I been advised about these extreme make up faux pas.

The first tale and probably my BIGGEST make up mistake was terribly wrong and embarrassing. I actually though I looked cute. So when I was a senior in high school I had only been wearing black eyeliner as all angsty teens do. It was winter time and I was looking extremely pale to the point that people would ask if I was ill. I noticed that one of my friend always had a year round tan and pink glowing cheeks so I asked what her secret was. She advised me to purchase this bronzer/blush duo that was rather expensive but I purchased it anyways. Unfortunately, I had no prior knowledge on how to use this type of product or any guidance when it came to make up at all. I ended up using  bronzer all over my face as if it was a powder foundation. I also put tons of the blush on my cheeks like a doll. I went to school the next day and everyone was checking me out or so I thought. Reflecting back on it now I realize it was probably because I was unknowingly blackface. I actually though I looked good too. So tragic.

My second biggest make up mistakes was unfortunately not too long ago. It occurred in the last 3 years. This faux pas began during the drawn eyebrows craze. Prior to investing in the proper brow products and learning how to use them correctly, I used black eye shadow as brow powder. I KNOW! I’m so embarrassed to even admit it but it’s true and I have the old selfies to prove it. Ladies and gentleman (some men wear makeup too), please do not be a walking make up “DON’T” like me and EVER use black eye shadow as an everyday eyebrow powder. If you do it for performances, when under bright lights, or something along those lines I can understand. However, for an everyday look, HELL NO. Use a taupe, light brown, or whatever color is appropriate to your look. If you are not sure what to use i suggest seeking a professional at your local Sephora or local make up counter because they will help you to avoid this disastrous mistake.

Make up horror number three is just as bad as number one. This involves using a BB cream that is either too light for your face, making you look like a ghost, or using one that is too dark hence the Oompa Loompa look. Just, NO.

The last makeup mistake for this post involves primer. I never really used a primer until about a 2 years ago. One time while getting ready for a performance I placed a silicone based face primer on my lids. When I attempted to apply my eye shadows it was a mess! The shadows balled up and my makeup looked as good as the Joker’s. If you are going to use primer on your eyelids please use an eye shadow primer. This product is especially made to enhance your eye shadows. It should not break your confidence of ever adequate at eye shadow application. Literally, shaking my head at this very moment.

I hoped you have enjoyed these enlightening and tragic tales. I also hope that you can learn from my mistakes if you are just starting out with make up or have never really used products before. Luckily, we have Youtube and google to help us out with these issues but you can still learn from personal experience. Good luck on your make up journeys. Look out for  future posts. I am planning to post my TOP 5s later this week and hopefully one more post about how to commit to those NEW YEAR, NEW ME resolutions. Follow me on wordpress to stay up to date on my latest posts.




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