First Top 5s of 2016 and random thoughts

Hey now guys! Happy Saturday. Today I will be posting the Top 5 things I have been loving this week as I do every week. Before I go into that I just wanted to express a couple of random thoughts that I had this past week. Emotionally, this week was quite interesting. Recently, I’ve been having some very intriguing dreams that made me want to start a dream diary to further interpret them. I even thought about starting a mini dream interpreting group so I can have other people’s opinions and input on what they think they are related to. I believe dreams are directly related to the psyche and feelings about certain situations. One of my dreams in particular pertained to friendships and feeling as if I have been pushed aside. However, at the same time I have thoroughly enjoyed my alone time to explore who I am, what makes me happy, and just being present in the moment. I know that whatever tension or awkward situations that have arisen from misunderstandings will work themselves out and I just have to be patient and carry on.

On a more positive note this free time has also helped me to reconnect to others that I really care about but haven’t been in contact with. I am very thankful for the opportunity to reconnect. Even though I have been trying to connect with others, I admit that I have been a homebody lately. I truly enjoy spending time at home and being in a comfortable environment. Perhaps the cold has also inclined me to stay inside and stay warm. Even though  I am enjoying this time right now, I know that more social and exciting events will be coming up so I can’t get too comfortable. Alright, enough ranting. Let’s go right into the Top 5s of this week.

  1. Kale – I feel as if I tend to start my Top 5s with a food item but hey I do love food. Even though Kale may not be in season right now I have been eating it everyday this week. I had purchased a big bag of Kale last weekend at Costco and can’t stop eating it. This sweet bitter green is packed with vitamins and is incredible delicious. I have really enjoyed consuming it as Kale chips or just roasted kale with olive oil and salt.
  2. Anydo APP (Android)– Surprise, Surprise, another app. I have been using the Anydo app for Android for months now and it has been a life saver. This app helps you establish tasks that need to be completed. You can organize them according to category, importance, or when you want to complete them. You can even set up alarms for when they need to be completed by. Even if you do not set any alarms it will remind you what you need to get done and to plan accordingly. I use this app every day to stay on top of what I need to get done for the day and I highly recommend it if you are a procrastinator like myself.
  3. We Got Married Global Edition– I sense a theme in my TOP 5s recently and Korean Televisions shows are part of it. This week I began watching We Got Married Global Edition the first season.My best friend had always recommended this show but I finally caught on. This show has 2 celebrity couples that interact with each other as mock newly weds. They have to meet each other, plan the wedding, and decide on common marriage rules while living together. It is interesting to see how strangers create a bond and manage being a couple. If you like cute reality shows with humor and a tpuch of romance this one is for you.
  4. EOS Lip balm– Not quite a beauty product but still in that category none the less. This is an absolute must have especially during the winter season when your lips can get easily chapped. I love this brand in particular because of it’s cute design and relatively natural ingredients. I always have one of these on hand.
  5. Blogging 101 provided by WordPress– This week Word Press commenced it’s Blogging 101 online workshop. Every weekday assignments are posted relating to improving or exploring the development of our blogs. It also helps us to interact with other writers and bloggers as well as check out their writing styles and topics. I have enjoyed this first week of blogging. I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and gained some followers. Though this experience so fat has made me realize how much of a novice writer I am, it has also inspired me to continue developing my skills and interact with other bloggers. I recommend this workshop to anyone and can’t wait to see how it will further develop.

There you have it, my TOP 5s of the week. If you want to stay up to date on my posts please follow me on WordPress. I will follow back. I would love any feedback that you might want to provide. Thanks again for reading.



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