Can you love doing something you are terrible at?

Hey now friends. I have a question for you. Have you ever loved doing something that you thought you were terrible at? Usually when you are not good at something we tend to not want to do it or dismiss it such as sports or cooking. Recently though I have found something that I really love doing but I’m not very good at… yet. What is this new found love you may ask? Well, you are reading it. I am crazy,head over heels, in love with writing on my blog. I find such great joy after every post. It’s as if I am putting a little piece of my soul and essence into the world even if no one may read it.

When comparing my blog to others that I follow or explore on word press, I feel as if my work is novice and not very good at all. Yet, I still love writing new posts and knowing that anyone could access it. I’m even more elated when someone other than myself reads the blog. I get filled with such satisfaction and pleasure  knowing that someone took the time to read it or even just visited my page. It makes my day.

I hope that each blog will lead me to become a better writer because I adore expressing my thoughts with words. I love being able to communicate my feelings and opinions to others no matter how insignificant or pointless it may be. Just the fact that I can express it and others can receive it makes me truly happy. Thank you for reading.


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