What drives you kid?

Hey now guys. First off, I want to apologize for my absence this past week. I am planning to post my Top 5s from the past this week either today or in the next few days so look out for that. You may also see some changes or additional post this week since it is the last week of the Blogging 101 workshop provided by WordPress. Okay so now that I’ve updated you all on that I want to get into the main subject of this post.
This past week was not the typical week for me. I felt as if I was scattered brained and unable to focus on anything quite frankly . Even though I do not have a set weekly routine there are things that I do each week like post my Top 5s, etc. However, this past week I just had no motivation, purpose, or drive to do anything. This got me thinking what even drives me? What am I passionate about and why? I believe it was a week or two ago that I posted about how much I enjoy writing and the joy it brings me when I post a new blog entry. So why the sudden lost of interest? I didn’t have anything troubling me this past week besides a cold I had mid week. Being sick does make me miserable after my Pneumonia episode in October. Even today I feel like I have no drive, no motivation, and nothing that is exciting me at the moment which is completely off character for me.

Is it possible to be completely numb to everything? I feel no emotions. Not happy, not sad, not anything just blah. Perhaps I am seeing this in the wrong light. Maybe I am just completely satisfied with everything in my life right now that I am just still. So why do I feel so empty? This emptiness isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I do feel an indifference to everything. I think I am reading way too much into this. What I think I will do is just take it day by day and see how this feeling progresses or changes. I am one to make sure I am in tune with my feelings especially with my medications and past medical history. I don’t know… I just wanted to it put that out there. Usually I would ask my best friend about these feelings but she has been MIA for the last few weeks. Could it be that is why I feel so empty? The void of my best friend for the last 20 years? That could be it. We will see. The irony of my featured image though…



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