A bomb is dropped, the truth comes out.

Hey now friends. Yesterday I posted a very sincere post about missing my best friend. I felt as if she had been pulling away for the last month and I wasn’t sure why. She reassured me that nothing was going on but it just didn’t feel that way. Ironically, she contacted me to go shopping with her last night. Of course I accepted the offer since I had not seen her in what seemed ages. The atmosphere felt tense in the car so I confronted her about the issue. I did not intend to start sobbing and pouring my heart out to her but I did. I also did not expect what happened next. It seems that what I thought was an issue involving our other friend was not that at all. Long story short after we both sobbed and poured our hearts out the root of the issue is she just needed time for herself. She has many things on her plate right now and she didn’t know how to tell me that. I told her that she should have just been honest. She did make a point that we have never had a break so she wasn’t sure how to let me know and do it the right way so she pulled away instead . She knew she was wrong and apologized about it but in the end I apologized as well. She had all these pent up emotions and stresses going on and I made her think about them all at once. She rarely cries and I made her cry which was awful.

I am sure that this is not the only reason for the brief falling out but she also had brought up my recent relationship status change. I just got back together with my ex- boyfriend of 6 years who I had not been with for the last 4 years. She expressed her concerns and I understood them because I’ve thought about them myself. If anything I think she figured this would change things between us due to past experiences and other friends with significant others but I tried to reassure her that it wouldn’t. I’ve never forced them to get a long because I know they have their differences. I know that they are cordial since they both truly care about me and sometimes it is a tug of war. All I can do from here is just be there for her but also give her space as needed. Beyond that I think she has just been thinking about her life and her future since her birthday is coming up. I hope she will feel better and cheer up soon. I really never understood all these emotions she had because she always has it together. That’s a lot of pressure to bear. I’m glad we had the conversation we did in a non- judgmental and non- argumentative manner. It was merely expressing ourselves with words as best as we could and I think we succeeded. I really did not mean to make her break and cry at all but I told her that maybe she needed it. What I really want to do is help from here on out. I know there are things she wants to change so I want to help her achieve success because she has been such an influence in who I am today. I love my best friend so much and I truly want to help her anyway I can.


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