Poor Hygiene and TOP 5s

Poor Hygiene is something no one wants to hear about or be associated with. Recently, I have been transitioning to more natural beauty and hygiene products such as hair care, deodorant, body wash, tooth paste, etc. I am currently using the products I have until I use them up and then replacing them as needed. In terms of hair care I have noticed that in the last few years my hair and scalp has dramatically changed. My hair is incredibly thin and I have terrible dandruff. I have tried natural remedies for my scalp such as vinegar and aloe which has helped. I also just recently purchased some Acure hair care products in order to see if this will help with my hair and scalp health. In reference to deodorant I have not been wearing any for about a week. I was going to purchase a deodorant bar from LUSH but after some research I  realized that it’s not as natural as I had thought. I’ve been going without it and just wash my armpit or disinfect them throughout the day if  I sense any B.O.  and this has been working well. Now here is the kicker.

I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone last night right before bed while he was driving home from work. He asked if I was brushing my teeth as I was and then he says….”I thought you don’t do that anymore.” What? I asked why he thought that. He goes,” I don’t know, didn’t you give up on hygiene or something?”  WHAT?! I asked what did he mean by that. He responded saying that I had stopped wearing deodorant, bathing, shaving, and figured I had given up on hygiene. I was mortified. I did mention to him that I had stopped wearing deodorant but I was on the hunt for a new natural product which I have finally decided on. The shaving thing was a total misunderstanding relating to a spur of the moment hot tub dip in which I had shaved my pits 2 days before that so they were a bit grown in. The shower thing was also a miscommunication. I am still waiting for my hair care products to be delivered so I have been holding off on washing my hair until I can use them but I still shower everyday! Ironically, I had to wash my hair today because I could not stand my dirty hair any longer. I couldn’t believe that my boyfriend actually thought I had given up on hygiene. We laugh about it now but seriously, how utterly mortifying. Enough humiliation for the day. Here are my TOP 5s from the past week.

  1. Natural Products– Referring back to my intro story, I have been trying to switch over to more natural products with less harsh and harmful chemicals. Though even natural products may contain traces of undesirable chemicals the amount difference is substantial so it is an improvement. I am currently using Pacifica-Island-Vanilla-Body-Wash which smells amazing and is 100% vegan, cruelty, gluten, sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, SLS, and phthalates free. Side note any product that says its “free” of something typically means that there is less than 0.5% of that substance which is still better. I also just purchased Acure Shampoo, Conditioner , and Leave-in Conditioner that I am really excited to start using. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.
  2. Wearing two different nail polish colors– So as I am transitioning to more natural products, nail polish is probably going to take me a while. I am trying to use up the products I have before replacing them and I have a decent size nail polish collection.  I change my polish about every 1-2.5 weeks typically 2. This past week I couldn’t decide between two colors so I wore both. I used one of my favorite colors ever Nirvana from Sinful Colors and OPI I sing in color from the Gwen Stefani Collection. Nirvana is a greyish, brown Taupe and I sing in Color is a Dark Red. I think these colors look lovely together and I’m probably going to wear them again when I re-do my nails.
  3. Triple cleansing– Now this may not be for everyone but recently I have been cleansing my face with three different cleanser at one time. The first one I use is First Aid Beauty Cleanser. This product really makes my skin feel nice after use. I then go in with my 2nd cleanser which is the Burt Bees Oil Cleanser. The reason I use this product is for an extra cleanse and bit of extra moisture to my dry face. The last cleanser I use is The Body Shop Vitamin E cleanser. The reason I use this one last is because it’s super hydrating. Vitamin E is oil soluble so I figured that by using an oil cleanser prior to using this product more vitamin E will be absorbed into my skin. I do not triple cleanse every day. I only do this when I have forgotten to wash my face the night before or if I think my face needs some deep down cleaning. I would recommend all of these products.
  4. Free on Demand– If you happen to have Cablevision IO you may or may not be aware of the free on demand menu. This lets you watch prime time shows and shows on cable on demand for free. I typically am addicted to K-dramas but I have been slowing my roll to catch up on some of my favorite shows that have returned from their winter hiatus. Some of these include CW’s Reign and Jane the Virgin. I also am enjoying The Shannara Chronicles which is a new show on MTV. I watch Fit to Fat to Fit on A&E. Lastly, on the newly named Free Form formally known as ABC family I am watching Shadow Hunters (ehh) and Pretty Little Liars (ehhhhh fine). I would like to add that the only reason I am watching Pretty Little Liars again ( I gave up after Mona was revealed to be A) is because it feels like a new show with a familiar back story since they are starting fresh 5 years later. I love Free on Demand because I can catch up on these shows whenever I want. It is so convenient.
  5. Frozen Yogurt– My inner (and outer) fatty can’t help but to chuckle when food is on my TOP 5s of the week. I love food and I can not lie. My favorite frozen yogurt spot is called Frozen Peaks. It is similar to Yogurt land and such but I think the flavors are much better. I tend to pick 3 different flavors usually anything caramel, strawberry-ish ( strawberry cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, strawberry milk shake, you get the idea) and a random flavor of the month. Then I load up on my favorite toppings. I can’t help but be in utter bliss when I have my frozen peaks. If you have one near you give it a try. They even have a rewards card that lets you earn money back on your purchases. The other day I got yogurt for my sister and I and only paid 70 cents since I had earned $10 back on my Peaks card. I really do love food, hehe.

Alright, I think this post is long enough. If you try any of these products let me know how they work for you. As always, thanks for reading.



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