Rewind to 5 years ago

Hey now guys. So this morning I had a revelation. Five years ago back in 2011 I was dating my high school sweetheart of 6 years and preparing for Nursing School. The next four years of my life include breaking up with my long term boyfriend, changing my major, transferring schools, receiving my B.S. in Exercise Science, and working at my current job that is completely unrelated to my education. Now in 2016, I realized I am back to where I was 5 years ago. I got back together with my high school sweetheart and I am attempting to go back to Nursing School.

Even though I feel as if I have accomplished a lot and learned so much in these last 5 year, it is crazy that I am back to where I was. Back then I had a plan for my life that just fell apart. The break-up, the questioning of my career path, this is where everything changed for me. However, now I feel as if this is a second chance for everything I had planned in my life. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and perhaps this is my take two for success. I really hope that everything will work out. So far this year has been amazing in breakthroughs. So many good changes are happening and I believe this could be one of the best years yet.


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