Nostalgia of a scarf, most exciting week ever, and Top 5s

Hey now fellow bloggers! Thanks for checking out this post. This week has been boring yet exciting all at the same time. Sunday was extremely boring after watching the Superbowl. Monday was a blur. Tuesday I had dinner with my lovely friend Danielle which was long over due. I also explored for the first time  a very pricey and elite mall in a well off area with my bestie. When I arrived I felt POOR and like I did not belong there at all. So why did we venture there in the first place? FREEBIES! I had a coupon of course for a Free gift set at L’occitane. After the woman handed me the bag I felt so much more assured and excited. Isn’t that sad? How does having a shopping bag give me security of being at this fancy schmancy mall? Well, it did.

Wednesday was a day full of emotions. I was off my meds that day. I went to our local mall with my sister and found the perfect outfit for this Saturday. These last 2 weeks I have been planning a a surprise event for my bestie’s bday. I now know what it feels like to be an event planner and it’s busy non-stop hell. Which brings me to the ultimate pitfall of it all. I received a call that night from my bestie about how her co-worker had told her about the event. I was irritate and sobbed for the rest of the night. It felt as if all the hard work I had put in for my best friend of 20 years had been spoiled by one’s person inconsiderate mouth. I have OBVIOUSLY gotten over it ( insert very sarcastic voice here), but all I can do now is make sure that it is super fun for all which it shall be! Thursday was  the most exciting day of all. I slept for over 10 hours! Which leads me to today Friday in which I am contemplating beating my 10 hour sleep record. Okay, I am done with my weekly rant. Here are my Top 5’s of this past week.

1.Primal Pit Paste Deodorant StickGuys!! I started using deodorant again. Teehee. So I received my natural deodorant this week and I love it so far. It keeps me dry and odor free without the harsh chemicals of popular deodorants. I highly recommend it. I have been using the subtle lavender scent.

2.L’Occitane Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream– This stuff is money in a jar, literally. I was lucky enough to have a coupon for a free gift set in which I received this miracle cream. It is light but still super hydrating and my skin has been absolutely loving it. It you can get your hands on a sample prior to purchase you will know it is well worth the money. Give it a try.

3. Bareminerals Complexion Rescue MakeupI know, there are  a lot of products on my Top 5s this week, but they deserve to be recognized. I had used this product when it came out. I really like it but I noticed once we got into the warmer months it would just melt off my skin after a few hours. I then switched back to the Tarte amazonian clay foundation which I love. However, now in the cooler months I have noticed that the Amazonian clay foundation dries out my skin. I switched back to the Bareminerals and I am very happy I did. This is considered to be a CC cream that provides light coverage and is super hydrating. I think I will be using this product for the colder, dryer months, and then switching back to the amazonian clay when it starts getting hot.

4.Braids– I have been wearing braids lately whenever I do not want to wash my hair or simply have no idea what to do with it. It looks put together and cute with barely any effort. Also why not take a walk down your grade school days and look adorable. There are so many different styles to try.

5. Raspberries- FOOD! Yes, I love food and it is usually in my weekly TOP 5s. This week I have been obsessed with raspberries and eating them everyday. I like to eat them alone but even with some yogurt or chocolate chips they are delicious. Not to mention they are full of antioxidants, good for your metabolism, and delicious.


Those were my TOP 5s of the week. I also wanted to mentioned that I finally finished my 4 year scarf I wrote about in one of my previous TOP 5s. After I finished it I realized this is very nostalgic and related to my last post about being back to whee I was 5 years ago. It was around the time when everything pretty much fell apart is when I stopped knitting the scarf. I finally finished this year after kinda having a second chance and picked up from where I had left off back then. So weird. A lot of meaning in this scarf or maybe it’s just me being moody. It is one of my off med days lol. Enjoy your week everyone. Thanks for reading.




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