Dear Fatty

Dear Fatty,

You are not Fat, you have Fat. Being seen as “Fat” does not define who you are. Everyone’s definition of “Fat” is different. Someone who could have society’s view of a healthy, perfect body, can still consider themselves “FAT”. Having fat does not make you any less smart, caring, or beautiful. You are beautiful no matter what. There is something about you that someone will find beautiful whether it’s physically, mentally, or your heart. Do NOT let society tell you that being FAT is a crime. Having fat can be due to many reasons. If anything people who consider themselves “fat” or have more fat than most,  need more love to know that they matter, that they are adequate, and they are not their fat. If someone tells you you are fat say I am not “FAT” I have fat. I have fat because I have had hardships. I have fat because I love food. I have fat because I do not deprive myself of my urges and what makes me happy. At the end of the day fat does not make anyone happy, so why would you point it out. Why does it matter to you whether I have fat or not. If you are concerned about my health then you should not say I am “FAT”. You should say I love you and I want you to be healthy and happy. I want you around for a long time because you are an important person to me and I love having you in my life. That is how you show me you care about my health not put me down with your definition of fat and stereotyping me as a fat person. I am not fat if I know I am not my fat. Know that and own it.


A Fellow human being who has fat.



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