Get Your Shit Together!

Hey now friends! I know I am not the only one who has ever felt like they do not have their shit together. Last year, I would have described myself as a depressed, anxiety ridden 25 year old woman who is over weight, stuck at a dead end job, has a degree but nothing to show for it, no savings, living with her mom, has been single for 4 years, and just plain lost. This year I am 26, with a degree in search of a career opportunity while working full time for a non profit organization, renting a studio apartment ( granted it is still in my mother’s home XD), have a loving boyfriend of 6 years ( broke up 4 years ago), getting back in shape and happy with everything at the moment.

It is so crazy how night and day can happen in a short period of time. I could not have guessed that this is where I would be last year. I can’t possibly see where I will be a year but I hope that it will be even better than the progress I have made this past year.  A year ago I sought out help for my anxiety/depression and I am so glad that I did. It has really changed my life. Receiving my B.S. has not yet been life changing but I am working towards starting a career that will benefit others as well as myself. Even though I still live in my mothers home I have a private studio apartment downstairs with my own entrance and bathroom. It is so nice to have more privacy and learn how to pay rent like a real adult. I am still overweight but working on getting back to what I like to call Sexy Fit Mode. Two years ago I had lost 20 lbs and sadly gained it all back and then some but I know it is possible to lose any wanted weight if you put in the work. In relationships I am quite happy getting back together with my ex. I know a lot of people feel that we are settling and maybe we are but all we know is that we love each other and make each other so happy. We have not felt like this with anyone else in the last 4 years so why not give it another go. We have had 4 years apart to figure out what we want and don’t want as well as grow and mature which creates such an amazing dynamic for our relationship.

The point is, all of these things could not have been accomplished without changes and perseverance in oneself. You got to have trial and error to know what you want and failure is not the end. If you do not make changes nothing will change. You gotta go for whatever you want to happen and MAKE it happen. Easier said than done right? Boy, don’t I know it.


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