Press it or in your case Click it! and TOP 5s

Hey now friends! Thanks for checking in this week. Before I go into my TOP 5s of the past week , here is a little update on how my week is going. This week I restarted my meds thank the lawd! I already feel so much more stable emotionally and more mentally focused. I also had an interview for a new position that is related to my degree Hallelujah! I hope I get it. This would help me so much in gaining experience and making connections for potential opportunities in the future.  I also met up with my old college friends that I have not see in months. It was so good to see them and catch up on what everyone has been up to. Those have been the highlights of my week so far. Here are my TOP 5s of the past week.

1. Peanut M&Ms– FOOD! Always in the TOP 5s. Recently I have been obsessed with these sweet treats. This is terrible to admit and I do not recommend this at all but I have been eating them for breakfast. When you barely have time in the morning and have to settle for a vending machine meal at work that has been my favorite. Sad I know. But they are very delicious.

2. ECO TOOLS Full Volume Styler Round Brush I recently picked up this new round brush at Walmart. I was looking for a brush that would be smoother on my hair and not create much breakage. I am in love. This brush is so smooth on my locks and has decreased breakage dramatically. It also dries hair 20% faster due to the vents in the design which leads to less styling time  and less heat damage. Their products are 100% cruelty free, and feature both recycled aluminum and renewable bamboo. Plus it was very affordable. I recommend this product if you blow dry your hair on a regular basis.

3. Mondly Korean App– So it is no secret that I’m a fan of k dramas and k pop. I really want to travel to Seoul someday and one of my new years resolutions was to learn a new language. I have recently downloaded this app through the google Play Store and I am absolutely in love. I have been trying to use it 30 minutes to 1 hr a day and it really sticks. They have other languages as well and the majority is free. You can pay 14.99 for full access to your language of choice which I am considering or you can pay 32.99 for access to all the languages available. For now I am going to see how far I can get on the free access but this has been really great so far. Give it a try.

4. RUSK Thick Body and Texture Amplifier Spray– I picked up this product at Walmart when I purchased the ECO TOOLS round brush. I have pretty thin hair even though it is naturally curly. When I wear it straight it tends to look flat and dull especially in the roots. After using this product for the week I see more volume in my hair. I had previously used a RUSK straightening cream which I really liked but sometimes weighed down my hair especially at the roots. This spray is light weight and does not leave any wear residue or feel to the hair. I really have been enjoying it so far. Their products are realy great and worth the money.

5. TAEMIN- PRESS IT ALBUM – Korean pop is getting big. As much as I LOVEEEEE EXO, Shinee another boyband group has a place in my heart as well. Recently their maknae (goggle it)  or youngest member Taemin has released a solo album called press t. He has two music videos out now with my two favorite songs from the album call Drip Drop and Press Your Number. His dancing is hypnotizing and the vocals are really good too. I also really enjoyed One on One which is not your typical slow jam as it adds a guitar in the background. Simply Genius. I enjoyed the whole album. It is rumored that Bruno Mars helped produce it. Some of the songs do give that funk feel and are also a little reminiscent of Michael Jackson. I have linked the album that is shared on Youtube.

These are my TOP 5s of the week. Please let me know if you check any of them out and let me know what you think. As always thank you for reading. Enjoy your week everyone. 🙂


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