Weekly update and a New Project

Hey now friends! So this week has been especially productive. I am not sure if my bestie being away on vacation for the week is leaving me with more free time or if I have just been more focused lately. This past week I had a job interview for one of the best hospitals in my area. Fingers crossed that I get this opportunity. I also am currently renewing my CPR certification, decorating my place, and thinking about starting a new project for the remaining year.

Recently, I have gotten back into knitting which I find cathartic in a way. I have also notice that many of my new years resolutions and goals I have set for myself are slowly making headway. Due to this progress I have decided to start a new project for the remaining  year. What I want to accomplish is to knit 1 or 2 scarfs each month so by the end of the year I will have at least 10-20 scarfs to donate to a homeless/women’s shelter. My goal in doing this is to share a little part of myself with others and let them know that someone cares  and took the time to create a handmade a gift with them  in mind. I hope this can make someone feel loved and happy during the holiday season. I also thought about reaching out to others who may want to participate. I have a few friends who are really good at knitting/crocheting hats and socks so I was going to see if they would want to participate. I know many other have done things like this before so I want to do something like this for my local community. Let me know if you have done something like this before or are involved with your local charities. I’d really appreciate any tips or advice you might have to make this happen in December. As always thank you so much for reading.


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