For My Mother on her Birthday

Hey now friends. A while back I read a post from one of the many lovely bloggers I follow on word press. His post was about his father for his birthday. I thought it was very beautiful for him to share his father’s story and to let him know how much he appreciates him. That post left me with such a lasting impression that I have decided to do the same for my mother.

Today is my mother’s birthday. She was born on March 14th in Colombia, 49 years ago. She is the youngest of five siblings. She has three sisters and one brother. She was raised in a very strict household as my grandfather was in the military and my grandmother was a housewife. At the age of 18 my mother left her family and hometown to come to the United States seeking what I assume was a better life. She met friends who quickly became her family. She had her best friend named Grace who she is still best friends with today. I am not sure how or when my mother met my father but she became pregnant with me at the age of 20. Four months after her 21st birthday I was born. My father and her had many ups and downs and eventually went their separate ways. She became a single mother at such a young age.

A few years later she began a romance with one of her close friends. He was her best friend and quickly became a father figure to her first child. Nine year after giving birth to her first child she was pregnant with her second. She had her second daughter at 29. She lived together with the father of her second child and two daughters for almost 7 years before going their separate ways. Once again she became a single mother of 2 this time. She has raised her daughters alone to this day.

At the age of 40 she received some life changing news. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go through surgery and radiation. Luckily, it was caught early and after 5 years she became a breast cancer survivor. During that time she also received some more devastating news. Two years after being diagnosed with breast cancer her mother had unexpectedly passed away from a brain aneurysm. She knew she had to go back to her home town immediately to be with her family. She left her then 20 and 10 year old daughters for a month. They understood that their mother needed her time to morn and be with her family. When she returned, she came back a changed woman. She became more spiritual and made health as well as family a priority. The next 4 year after her Breast Cancer Survivor status were also a health roller coaster ride. She had several heart and bone health issues including an irregular heart beat and tendinitis in her foot. She also had a rheumatoid fever, infection, and GI issues.

Today is her 49th birthday. On her 49th birthday she is getting a 4 hour CAT Scan of her GI tract to see if she has some sort of infection that has been affecting her heart. She will also be taken out for a lovely birthday dinner by her two daughters.

This is brief description of her life. The information provided is based on what I know about her but I am sure there is way more to her story that I am not aware of. This must be weird for some but my mother and I are not very close. We have our own person issues that were not discussed in this blog because I feel like that is more my story rather than hers. When it comes to my mom we have our issues but I love her regardless. She is a strong, resilient, passionate woman. Although I may not like it, I really am just like her. I know I possess all the great quality she embodies but I also posses all the bad ones. We don’t always see eye to eye but I still love her unconditionally. I am very grateful that she is celebrating yet another birthday with her daughters. This year especially I have learned how special and meaningful birthdays can be. I use to think ugh birthdays who cares, you are just getting old and closer to death. Now I am not like that at all! I think every birthday should be treasured. It is a gift to have lived yet another year in this life. Not only treasuring life but appreciating that you as a person were created and your soul came into this world is so important. Birthdays are precious and need to be celebrated every single year. I will conclude this post wishing everyone a very Happy Birthday  for this coming year. It is truly a gift so enjoy it.


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