Wake up call and Fasting update

Hey now everyone. So yesterday I received some disappointing news.
I had some blood work done and found out that my triglycerides and vldl levels are extremely high. Ironically, my cholesterol was normal and my LDLs were very low which is good but unusual with the prior findings. Pretty much what this means to me is I have to make some serious changes. I was expecting my health not to be optimal especially these past few months in which I have put on substantial weight. However, I was taken back and very concerned. The physician advised me to exercise more, cut out red meat, and try to return to my typical weight. This is the wake up call I needed to get back into a routine exercise program. I also plan on cutting out alcohol at least for 3 months to see if this helps. I will try to limit my red meat consumption and take it easy on the eggs. I love eggs, the girls room ,the Amanda show style lol.

As for the intermittent fasting I tried this week, it was a total fail. I ended up binge eating after my eating hours and overall, not for me. I’m glad I tried it regardless. Anyways, thanks for checking in. I still need to post the TOP 5s of the week so look out for that post soon. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “Wake up call and Fasting update

    1. Thanks. I actually had a revelation this morning. I do oil pulling every morning with coconut oil. I wonder if that could have had anything to do with it. But we will see. Thanks for the great suggestion. 😊

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