Playa Del Fuego 2016

Hey now friends! Long time no see. It has been about a month since my last post. Even though I have not been posting for a while I have still been actively reading blogs, liking posts, and commenting. I just wanted to give a little update on some of the things going on at the moment. I have just returned from my Playa Del Fuego part 2 or Spring PDF 2016. Previously, I had written about my last playa experience in October 2015 and how I could not wait to return. Sadly, it did not live up to the original playa experience but nonetheless this trip still had its benefits. In terms of creativity and open-mindedness, I definitely gained some new perspective and motivation of sorts for new projects. I also feel that the bond between my bestie and I became stronger due to some of the challenges we faced. We became very aware of the trust we have between each other which is very meaningful and fulfilling. I also came to appreciate other strong bonds like that of family and significant others which have always been appreciated but just even more passionately.

Lastly, I have learned how precious natural and organic items are. When we think of natural or organic we often think of plants or food, which is true but what i’m talking about is a little more in depth than that. Anything in this world, anything that is not natural or organic was created by ideas. The most precious organic, natural items to us in this world is the human body and soul. What we are born with is organic. That is something to be treasured. Our body is our temple and vessel of our soul so why not treat it with respect. I have learned that. I want to love and appreciate my body and want to do what is best for it. Yes, there is also things such as self expression like dyeing your hair, tattoos, etc. Regardless of these being stressors on the body they are still organic ideas from the soul which help others see how you feel and who you are. Self expression is beautiful. Maybe I’m contradicting myself but it is something I believe. Okay, I am done with my hippie talk. I hope you all are having a fantastic week. As always thanks for reading. Until next time folks.



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