Skincare Routine

Hey now friends! Happy Tuesday. As you may have already guessed by the title, this post is about my daily skin routine. I am 27 but get mistaken for being younger all the time. One of the most asked questions I get from friends and people that I meet is ” What do you do to your skin?”. In the last few years I have become more dedicated to my skin. I have a consistent skin regimen that I follow in the morning and night. It is not a 10 step Korean skin care routine although I do admire that commitment. This routine involves a basic prep and 3 steps.

Skin Prep- Skin preparation entails the cleansing of the face. Use your favorite cleanser to wash your face. Use eye makeup remover to get off water proof mascara and eye makeup. In the evening I will either wash my face or use a micellar cleansing water to remove make up and impurities from the day. You can also do a mask prior to cleansing your face instead of a cleanser if desired. I would not recommend doing a mask more than 3 times a week as some masks can dry out the skin.

Step 1. Toner- After my face is dry from cleansing I apply toner. Toner helps to further cleanse, hydrates, reduces the appearance of pores, and nourishes the skin. Depending on the ingredients of the toner it can also restore the ph of your skin. I liked using a toner that contained Vitamin E for the evening and a lighter toner in the morning before applying makeup.

Step 2. Skin Essence- Essences are different from serums because they are a bit thicker and more concentrated. Essences hydrate and restore the ph of your skin. They are also anti- aging and improve the look of your skin. I use 2 types of essences, one in the morning and a different one in the evening. I apply the product with my hands to my face and pat it in until dry. Typically an essence should be used after applying serums.

Step 3. Face Moisturizer- The last step of my skincare routine is applying moisturizer. This step is to further hydrate and nourish the skin. It also locks in that moisture throughout the day and night. I tend to use lighter moisturizers during the day under my make up and thicker ones when I sleep. You can also apply a lighter or thicker layer of moisturizer instead if you are committed to a particular product.

This is just a general guide of how I take care of my skin. This may not work for everyone. I have combination skin with an oily T-zone, occasional hormonal breakouts, but very dry otherwise. I can say I personally have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. My skin has improved to the point that I can wear very minimal make up or none at all. If you forget what should be applied first just remember to cleanse the face and apply products according to their thickness and consistency.

I also wanted to mention that I do apply a primer prior to makeup in the morning but that is more pertaining to makeup application than skin care. However, a good primer can also improve texture and nourishment of your skin. If you are interested in specifically what products I use or recommend please leave a comment and let me know. There may be a later post this week of what products I have used, loved, and recommend to try. If you try this skin routine please let know what you think and your results. Also if you have any skincare secrets or tips of your own I would love to hear about them. As always, thank you so much for reading.



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