Top 5s of the Last week of September 2016

Hey now friends! It’s time to wake up now as September is ending. Hard to believe that it will be October this Saturday. Where does the time go?  I have been thinking of what Top 5s of wanted to share with you and I think I have finally narrowed them down. Here are the Top 5s of the week.

1. Conair Styling Essentials Mini Pins– These mini bobby pins have been so amazing not just this week but for the last month or two. The size allows for a more discreet hold and perfect for those little mini whispies and flyaways.

2. Shutterfly– You have probably heard or seen about this website before. Shutterfly offers printed photos or merchandise. I have always wanted to try their service and finally did. As an introductory offer they provide 101 prints of your choice for free. This is not a gimmick. I just paid for shipping and handling which was about 8 or 9 bucks. I now have printed photos for my pictures frames. I even got some extras to send to friends. If you love having tangible pictures or are thinking of gift ideas this is a website you should check out!

3. Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip conditioner in Vanilla Coconut Cream–  This was one of the products I received in my Ipsy Glam Bag last month. This is not just a chap stick. It is an anti-aging lip conditioner and essential in my skincare routine. Yes, lips are skin too. I love the vanilla coconut scent and it really moisturizes the lips. Did I also mention that it is organic? Winning.

4. Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush–  It’s that time of the season again. That time when the weather changes and your scalp is unbearably itchy. Not to mention the embarrassing dandruff flakes that ruin your hair game. I may have a solution for you. Not only did I switch my shampoo to a natural tee tree oil shampoo but I also use this baby while shampooing and conditioning. The brush comes in a pack of 4 on amazon and is really inexpensive. This brush helps disperse product,helps to remove excess build up, and gives your scalp a stimulating massage. It is very gentle but efficient in getting down to the scalp.

5. Moon Lovers- Scarlet Heart: Ryeo– If you know me at all or have read of my previous TOP 5s you know I am a kdrama fanatic. This drama is a historical one that has all the elements of a great story. Not only are there amazing well known actors but the directing and costume designs really take you back in time. I am obsessed with this series. It is that good. You can watch free English subbed episodes on or New episodes are released on Tuesdays unless you are lucky enough to have korean tv. There are 11 episodes currently out. Also if you are an EXO fan, Baek Hyun is in this drama.Just another reason to start watching.

Please let me know if you try or check out any of these Top5s. I would love to hear your feedback. As always thank you so much for reading.


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